While Prairie Companies works hard to help enrich the North Dakota business environment, we also keep a keen eye on the natural environment we all live and work in. Our operations, from fluid solutions to the production of liquefied natural gas, always work to minimize the impact on our land, water, and sky. In fact, much of what we do, especially in the area of LNG production, actually reverses the negative environmental imact.

As a leader in harnessing North Dakota's cleanest fossil fuel, LNG, we're offering oil companies a local alternative to more expensive and more harmful higher carbon fuels like diesel and gas. LNG is simply a cleaner burning and more efficient way to power operations. And this locally-produced energy not only reduces our dependancy on other oil sources, it greatly cuts down on transportation distances – further reducing the impact on the environment.

Our fluids management operations continually work to improve the environmental impact of oil operations by exploring new and practical fluid processing technologies. We participate in ongoing conversations with industry thought leaders, world-class manufacturers, and government stakeholders to implement best practices and technology that benefit our customers, communities and the environment.

From reducing flaring and harmful emmisions to helping to reduce the oil industry's impact on North Dakota's groundwater, Prairie Companies works to keep the Bakken a clean and safe place to work and live.
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