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LNG: A Cost-Effective Solution

Liquefied natural gas is less expensive than conventional fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel. And the cost difference between natural gas and fossil fuels is only expected to grow more and more over time.

The economic impact of LNG reaches even further. NDLNG converts the natural gas currently flared off into the atmosphere into clean-burning liquefied natural gas and provides it to oil companies for use to power their rigs and trucks. The LNG produced in North Dakota stays in North Dakota, saving dollars on transportation and keeping more money in the local communities.

While converting operations and transportation to take advantage of LNG takes investment, the payback on that investment begins happening right away with lower fuel and operating costs.

By converting operations and transportation from expensive fossil fuels to clean-burning, less expensive LNG, companies will realize a positive impact on their bottom line, the local economy, and the environment. For oil producers in North Dakota, that's a win-win-win.

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NDLNG Announces First LNG Production Facility in North Dakota

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