By Gary Braasch and The Daily Climate

WILLISTON, N.D. – In the spring of 1805 Lewis and Clark and their expedition paddled up the Missouri River's middle valley, terra incognita to Americans then and still largely unknown to Americans today. As they worked against the current, a dramatic panorama unfolded, as Meriwether Lewis would write in his journal on April 25, 1805:

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By Daryl Dukart, Dunn County commissioner, Dunn County Energy Development Organization

In North Dakota, our energy fields produce far more value in oil than natural gas — in fact, almost 20 times more. However, natural gas production is important from an economic and resource perspective, and we need to be committed to reducing the amount of gas flared in North Dakota.

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Rob Grunewald, Associate Economist
Dulguun Batbold, Research Assistant
The Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank

The steady growth of U.S. oil and gas production in recent years has come from a number of shale formations across the country. But not every region is seeing the same growth in economic activity from the energy boom cracked open by horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology.

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