We'll only send the best assets out on the road. Our fleet is entirely comprised of new and high-quality equipment. We perform comprehensive tune-ups and reliable in-house repairs so that our haulers are always ready to roll.


In this industry, we believe you have to start and end with safety. It's our commitment to our drivers, our community and our environment. It starts with our nationally recognized Director of Safety. It's with us out on the roads. It's in everything we do.


We provide predictable results in an unpredictable industry. It starts with a roll-up-the sleeves approach to service. We follow through with unparalleled operational excellence, ending by giving our partners the competitive advantage.

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WHY WORK WITH PRAIRIE? For us, a promise made is a promise kept. We commit to being the best for our partners, our investors and our team—and we follow through.


We deliver a competitive advantage for our partners by successfully executing within a challenging operating environment.


We stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the technology that enables us to achieve better, faster and more environmentally friendly results.


Whatever your unique needs, our experienced team will work with you to develop and manage solutions that deliver on your requirements.


Our position of financial strength limits exposure and allows us to be strategic and selective in the choices we make today and in the future.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in driving for us, visit Be sure to have your work/driving history, three years of previous addresses, your social security number and your driver’s license. If you’re interested in any other positions, click here to learn more.

You’ll need a Class A license with a tanker endorsement (and hazmat endorsement for oil haulers).  Water haulers need at least one year driving experience, oil haulers need a little more. Click on the links to view full job requirements for oil haulers and water haulers.

We’re committed to helping our drivers get the training and education they need to make the most of their careers. Learn More

We operate in two locations: The Powder River Basin in Wyoming and the Delaware Basin in Texas. Our Wyoming offices are in Casper and Gillette. Texas office is in Orla and we’re headquartered in Wayzata, Minnesota. Get our contact info.

If you’re interested in working with Prairie, you can reach out directly to Coye Harrett, director of operational analysis. Click Here

Our employees are what drives us. We designed a competitive benefits package to show that appreciation and respect. It includes paid time-off, medical/dental/vision insurance, potential bonuses, and more. Click here to learn more about benefits and what it’s like to work for Prairie.