One Haul Load
At A Time

Mission and Values

Mission: To nurture a great company, bolstered by incredible employees & customers.

Work hard with enthusiasm

Employee support ensures customer success

Do the right thing

One team, safety focused

Niche: Hauling, done right.

Truck Filling up
Our Three Unique’s:
  1. Unwavering commitment to hauling the right way
  1. Reliability in an unreliable industry
  2. Our word is our bond

The Prairie Pulse

For us, a promise made is a promise kept. We commit to being the best for our partners, our investors and our team—and we follow through.


Operational Excellence

We deliver a competitive advantage for our partners by successfully executing within a challenging operating environment.

Fleet Management & Training

We stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the technology that enables us to achieve better, faster and more environmentally friendly results.

Customized Solutions

Whatever your unique needs, our experienced team will work with you to develop and manage solutions that deliver on your requirements.

Here For The Long Haul

Our position of financial strength limits exposure and allows us to be strategic and selective in the choices we make today and in the future.

Elite Employees

Quarter 1: 2024

Thad Taylor

Thad Taylor

2024 - Q1

2023 - q2

2023 - q3

2023 - q4

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