Prairie Field Services is proud to announce that Trent Bischoff will join the team as Vice President of Business Development in the Texas region. Bischoff will be responsible for strengthening and expanding Prairie’s footprint in the region.

Bischoff has been working in the oil and gas industry for 13 years, most recently at Gibson Energy where he was responsible for overseeing U.S. Trucking Operations.

“We look forward to Trent joining the team,” says Pat Hughes, Chief Executive Officer.  “His experience in the industry and growth-oriented mindset will help Prairie to expand our operations in the Permian Basin, mirroring the steady and reliable growth we’ve achieved in the Rockies.  There’s a huge opportunity for growth in the region.  With Trent in place and the strong existing team, I’m confident that this is the beginning of a new era for Prairie in Texas.”

Bischoff’s role is to bring growth to the operation in the Permian Basin.  He will be responsible for ensuring that Prairie’s reputation for industry-leading customer service, reliable results and commitment to safety continue in the Permian Basin operations.

“The opportunity for exponential growth is here,” Bischoff explains.  “But you need to do it smart. I’m not particularly interested in just growing market share.  Sometimes in trucking there can be a race to the bottom when a lot of companies are trying to grab market share for cheap.  But that model is destined to fail, you can’t grow long-term that way.

As new pipelines come in and the business changes, there will be room for smart players like Prairie to grow through consolidation.  Pat and I have had many conversations about developing the relationships we have already to move forward in the right way.  I look forward to replicating the success Prairie has had up north.  When your company has an internal management structure that demands you operate with integrity, I think you have a competitive advantage right off the bat.”

Bischoff will officially begin in September 2019 and will be working out of Prairie Field Services’ Orla, Texas location.