There’s no doubt that the oilfield can be a dangerous business. We operate heavy vehicles, day and night, rain or shine, each and every day. At Prairie Field Services, we start and end the day with safety. It’s our commitment to our drivers, our community and our environment. That’s why we employ a robust safety team and why we continue to be acknowledged in the annual Shell Safety Awards.

What we’ve learned over the years is that to maintain safe operations, there must be commitment at every level of the organization. It’s not enough to simply introduce procedures and processes. Our drivers, mechanics and employees must believe in the benefits of safety and be accountable for their actions. We’re proud to say, they do, and they are.

Each Prairie vehicle is equipped with a monitoring system that relays vital information to the driver and our safety team about how the driver is performing. Integrated ‘smart-sense’ cameras use artificial intelligence to identify stop signs and posted speed limits to better coach driving habits. This state-of-the-art monitoring system is directly linked with the vehicle’s onboard computer and gathers vast amounts of data. From speed alerts, to harsh breaking, to defensive movements, the systems provide a detailed overview of the performance of each of our drivers. Gathering and analyzing the data allows us to identify areas where drivers need further training, support, or guidance.

Safety isn’t just a concern behind the steering wheel. Our operations require drivers to cross private property and spend much of their time on location – loading and unloading. At those times, safety is also paramount. Staying by their controls, using cones, and doing the required 360-degree walk-arounds, all reduce the risk of incident and has helped our team improve our safety records, and our success at the coveted Shell Safety Awards.

Each year, Shell recognizes companies and drivers for safe driving practices, proactively preventing unsafe behaviors and being role models for other drivers. Over 2,500 drivers are considered for the awards, so to come away with recognition at any level is quite an achievement. In 2016, Joe Lowry, was nominated and ultimately awarded an honorable mention. In 2017, we had another great driver nominated and won best driver in North America. In 2018, our team was once again well-represented, with Rocky Ott taking the runner-up position for North America. It’s not just at the individual driver level that Prairie Field Services has been acknowledged by Shell. In 2017, our (then) North Dakota operations were recognized for achieving Shell’s Goal Zero benchmark – zero fatalities and zero incidents.

It takes commitment and vigilance to maintain a strong safety record. At Prairie Field Services, we’ve developed a safety conscious culture. This culture attracts employees of integrity and allows for continued improvement of safe driving habits. With weekly safety training, monthly safety tips, active supervision, safety audits, split shifts, and transparent communications, we’ve ingrained safety into our culture and are seeing real results. Eligible drivers can even receive a monetary safety bonus every two weeks by demonstrating the required safety behaviors.

It’s time for the 2019 Shell Safety Award nominations and never have we had so many drivers fit to be nominated. Regardless of who we eventually nominate, we’ll always be proud that so many safe drivers and employees choose to further their careers with Prairie Field Services.

If you’re already driving for Prairie Field Services and would like to learn more about your safety record, or the things you can do to help achieve Goal Zero, you can contact our Director of Safety here.

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