There’s plenty of opportunities. I’m the type of person that, anything I can learn, I definitely want to try it at least, and say I’ve got that experience. This company let me do that.

They take care of their people. I have free housing. I have good equipment. And if something goes wrong, they fix it right away. They take care of their drivers.

Prairie is a good company. It’s a core group of folks that care about what they do.

You guys have seen Ice Road Truckers, I know you have. Well, they’ve got nothing on what we do.

Prairie Companies provides a very valuable service to our company. Each request we have made has been met with attention to detail and speed.

Luke Taylor, CEO,
LT Enterprises

PFS has added tremendous value to WPX in the Delaware Basin. Their ability to react to changing conditions is second to none.

William Woodard, Director,
WPX Energy

The relationship we have with PFS has enabled Sinclair Crude Company to grow our crude acquisition program. With a focus on Safety, PFS has continually provided great service to us and our underlying customers.

Jay Mick, VP,
Sinclair Crude Company