Experienced Management Team

Patrick Hughes

Chief Executive Officer – Prairie Companies

A successful serial entrepreneur, Pat has been involved in the oil business since 2009 and continues to spend a significant amount of time in the field, working with operating team members and to better understand the business requirements of Prairie Companies’ customers. His operational focus and commitment to customer service are important elements of corporate culture at every level as is the belief that financial sophistication is a competitive advantage in the field.

Alan Welsh

Chief Operating Officer – Prairie Field Services

Recruited into the company in March, 2016, Alan is a 27-year veteran of the South Dakota Highway Patrol where he achieved the rank of captain. During his tenure with Prairie, he has helped lead the company’s safety programs with emphasis on reliability, consistency and compliance. Alan cites the company’s comprehensive coaching program for drivers for critical improvements in safety. Prairie Field Services is the only company to achieve “Goal Zero” – a full year without an incident – for a key customer. In his current role, Alan oversees all day-to-day aspects of the company’s operations including compliance, training, maintenance, crude and water transport operations, operations support, and dispatch.

Nick Rogge

Chief Financial Officer - Prairie Field Services

An Iowa native from a family of hockey players, Nick was attracted to Prairie Field Services because of its size and corporate culture of operational focus. Since joining the company in 2017, Nick has helped bring all financial functions in-house, established comprehensive reporting and analysis functions and integrated financial considerations into operational activities. Nick sees the CFO job as one best done working in the field, helping the company’s operational people understand the numbers, how operational decisions affect finance and how finance can provide resources to frontline employees.

JoEllen Lawler

Director of Human Resources - Prairie Field Services

JoEllen joined Prairie Field Services in 2017.  She brings broad experience to the position, having worked in every functional area of human resources, in several different industries and in corporate environments ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprises. JoEllen believes that human resources plays a vital role in maximizing the productivity of an organization by improving the effectiveness of the employees.  As a strategic partner of the company, her primary focus is on the corporate culture – particularly around shared values like safety and customer service - while maintaining a true balance between organizational needs and the work-life balance of the employees.

Coye Harrett

Director of Operational Analysis - Prairie Field Services

Coye joined Prairie Companies in 2012 and has worked in a variety of roles in the field and in managing the company’s financial activities as the company has grown from hauling just 2,000 barrels of crude to more than 55,000 barrels today. During two years in field operations, Coye worked both dispatch and safety programs as well as handling back-office activities. Today, he uses his extensive field experience to add an important operational perspective to his financial analysis and modeling. This blended perspective gives Coye the ability to understand how theoretical scenarios affect real-world operations and allows the Prairie management team to make better decisions.

John Whitaker

Operating Partner