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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is safe to transport, store, and use. LNG has been a trusted fuel source for many years and continues to have a long track record of safety.

LNG can be stored at a relatively low pressure (20 to 150 psi) at about one-third the volume and one-third the weight of an equivalent compressed natural gas (CNG) storage tank system. And like other liquid fuels such as diesel and propane, LNG is easily and safely transported by truck.

When not in use, LNG is stored in insulated tanks and while in a liquid form, it is not flammable. LNG spills quickly vaporize and dissipate into the atmosphere.

When it’s time to use it, LNG is converted back into gas. While gaseous, it is potentially flammable, but the concentration in the air must be between 5% to 15% by volume and there must be a ignition source hotter than 1000° F. The potential for conventional fuels like gasoline and diesel to ignite is much greater. The fuels can combust from ignition sources much, much lower in temperature.

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